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20 Function Remote Crotchless Panties in Black


As if these slinky black Crotchless Panties weren't sexy enough as is, this glossy pair hides a deliciously stimulating, fully remote 20 function mini vibe in a tiny pocket.


A discreet, ultra exciting way to inject a ton of excitement into erotic situations far and wide, the resulting vibration buzzes away agasint the clitoris and sensitive inner lips once activated. Twenty available modes range from a teasing tickle to a throbbing, pulsating throb manned by a sleek remote that functions from across a room or up close and personal. When the unrelenting pleasure gets to be too much, make use of the Panties' open crotch and call over a playmate (or grab a favorite toy).


Of a soft, formfitting vinyl with all the gloss of latex, the Panties should be hand washed in cold water to maintain the fit and appearance. Vibe requires 3 LR44 cell batteries, remote requires 2 AAA batteries, all of which are included. Fits most.

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